TV Appearances

Interview with Lisa Smith, author of GIRL WALKS OUT OF A BAR, a memoir of high-functioning alcoholism, drug addiction and recovery as a corporate lawyer in big New York City firms. Discussing a study showing that women have largely caught up to men with respect to alcohol consumption.

In the TODAY series “Secrets: Telling My Truth,” two women – one a successful attorney, the other a super mom – developed addictions to alcohol, cocaine and prescription drugs without anyone knowing until they both hit rock bottom. The women say coming clean about their secrets helped them heal.

Lisa Smith knows a lot about alcoholism because she was in the throes of it for more than a decade. By 2004, she had also started using cocaine and then hit rock bottom.

“It’s such a painful spiral of shame and self-loathing and hiding,” Smith, a lawyer and author, said. “You’re living this awful double life.”