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Why you can’t ‘out-smart’ addiction

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON ALCOHOLCHANGE.ORG This is Lisa’s story: “Smart, successful people like me don’t become addicted – right?” I was sure that I

CDC: Alcohol Kills More People than Opioids

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON FOX5NY.COM Alcohol-related causes kill 88,000 people—more than from opioids—each year in the United States, according to data from the National Institute

Was I Ready for Sober Sex?

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON LIGHT HUSTLER At one o’clock on a Sunday morning in 2005, I sped west toward Salt Lake City in a

For She Is You

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON FORSHEISYOU.COM Allow me to introduce you to an incredibly inspiring person and to preface one of the most influential interviews

Liv’s Recovery Kitchen

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON LIVSRECOVERYKITCHEN.COM Liv: As this is Liv’s Recovery Kitchen, let’s kick off with a food question: what have you had for

The Lawyer, the Addict

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED IN THE NEW YORK TIMES   In July 2015, something was very wrong with my ex-husband, Peter. His behavior over the preceding

How I Stay Accountable

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON SOBERLINK.COM While we all have different journeys in recovery, most will agree that accountability is a crucial component when it

Last Call blog with Nancy Carr

Relationships in Recovery: an Interview with Lisa F. Smith THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON LASTCALLBLOG Lisa F. Smith is someone that I had read about a

3 Key Tips for Dating in Recovery

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON SHATTERPROOF.ORG When I got sober I followed my 12-step sponsor’s advice and didn’t date for the first year. I understood

100 Must-Read Books About Addiction

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON BOOKRIOT.COM Katie MacBride: I’ve been sober for nine years, and in that time I’ve read a lot of books about

Women Lawyers are Being Driven to Drink

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON TONIC.VICE.COM The highly competitive field is a breeding ground for addiction problems. The morning before Lisa F. Smith, the author

Addiction Recovery Literature

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON The genre of addiction recovery literature is ever growing with new offerings available almost daily. There are specific areas

BBC World News Interview

Watch the Interview Interview with Lisa Smith, author of GIRL WALKS OUT OF A BAR, a memoir of high-functioning alcoholism, drug addiction and recovery as